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A Cartoon Of a Potato

2014-02-01 06:47:20 by JihadGrandad

I feel I should make a news post, cause this actually took me a fair amount of time (for once) and I don't ever have any news to post, so I guess this is news. If I see a cat save an old lady from a tree, I'll report it right away. Until then, here's a silly cartoon I made about a bean-selling potato. Hope you like it xoxoxoxoxox


p.s xxx

Hello! Or as they say in exactly the same place: hello! Awful jokes aside, I'm just making a post to say that I may not be releasing any animations for a while as my RSI has been an absolute tit and is causing me to cry myself to sleep; which is a lie, I don't sleep. But, yeah, I'm currently collaborating with some lovely chaps and I'm doing a bit more written and voice acting based work. Also, I plan to release A LOT more improvisations, so if you enjoy them then happy times! If you don't, then I'll continue to cry myself to non-sleep. So, if you're thinking 'y asnt he made nething bet hes ded lol' it's cause I'm easing off a tad, and I can't read chav speak but if you need a terrible comedy sketch written or an idiot to yell at the mic! I'm your guy/girl/3rd option.


P.S. here's some Walken. Woah

More writing, more voice acting. Less animation.